Louisburg council votes 4-3 to move Confederate statue

The Louisburg town council, meeting in a virtual emergency session Monday evening, voted four to three to move the Confederate Memorial that has been on North Main Street for more than 106 years to a new site in nearby Oakwood Cemetery.

The move, mirroring the fate of many other Confederate statues across the state and nation, comes just days after Gov. Roy Cooper ordered statues removed from the Capital grounds in Raleigh after protesters partially damaged one of them. The governor's order came, he said, because he feared the protests and confrontations over the statues could lead to injuries or deaths.

In an effort to potentially head off more heated confrontations in downtown than have been seen recently, the town council agreed that the Confederate statue should be moved to Oakwood Cemetery and re-erected near the graves of several Franklin County Civil War veterans.

In its place on North Main Street, at the edge of the Louisburg College campus, town leaders said they plan to erect a memorial that will list the names of all Franklin County veterans who lost their lives in any war and will display both the American and North Carolina flags.

There was no word Monday night on when the statute and the stone memorial on which it stands will actually be moved.

For much more information on the statue, its history, Monday night's meeting and what comes next, see the Thursday edition of The Franklin Times.