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Are we too small to succeed?

I am sure you have heard the colloquial term, "too big to fail," referring to government, institutions like large banks and other corporate giants.

The concept advances a socialist and federal imperative to protect certain institutions above others; picking winners and losers to serve their interest.

The false narrative is allowing them to fail would result with a domino effect on all other business that would collapse the economy.

First, let us examine the socialist component. It is a philosophy that holds the national government owns the people, and controls all business. This is in direct conflict with capitalism.

With all the hope, change, and transforming going on, it appears to have been forgotten that capitalism, by way of individual sweat equity, built this country.

Capitalism is a social system based on the principal of individual opportunity, and responsibility. In this country one has, or use to have, the right to think big and win, or fail. Consequences and rewards flowed from their intellect, work ethic and diligence.

Individual rights and responsibilities are the formative DNA of America. One cannot read the federalist papers and other founding documents and deny this.

Of course this is now being erased from classrooms. It is what socialists do, they rewrite history.

The very words, "We the people" boldly set the foundation.

The idea a national government owns and controls all business is a tenant of Communism. In simple terms, it is a command system.

Businesses are people. People build them, and work there-in. When government totally regulates business, they exercise control.

Over time, the power of that control becomes arrogance. People are no longer listened to. To exist, they must accept the charity of those that hold their leash.

Home of the brave and land of the free with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all lofty words. They are more than just words, they are ideas, if believed that are too big to fail.

I could cite many examples that point to destruction of inalienable rights in our country; here are but a few. A baker on moral conviction chooses not to bake a cake. He and his wife are federally fined out of business, and threatened with imprisonment.

All powerful agencies like the IRS and EPA, with proven malice, have, and I believe continue to target political adversaries. They do so with impunity. These agencies are "too big to fail."

Too big to fail in a free country is a lie. It is mind numbing to me that people feed into it.

The truth is the very same people that manipulated market forces and our government to set institutions on the path of failure now say they know what is best.

As a people, we have allowed the pillars which once supported our nation to be replaced with sand.

Casting my eyes upon our social landscape, I see deviance placed above rigorousness, and advanced as equality.

The law of the land is now marriage is no longer only between God, a woman and a man. This is celebrated as a "moral" victory?

How wise those that changed this think they are. They have, I feel, in part, written the epithet for the very bond that keeps our society together; the family unit.

The family unit is a cornerstone for our society. So it has been for thousands of years. Today it is no longer valued.

I see Christ being forced from the public square, and it is advanced as religious freedom.

There is the destruction of monuments to the fallen, and the desecration of their graves, done in the name of tolerance.

Police officers are now being stocked, hunted, and murdered, as people justify it as justice for wrong they themselves never experienced.

The list is endless and includes the wonted and vile killing of the unborn, by the millions. It is hidden behind catch phrases like, the right to choose.

Make no mistake, the effect of this erodes the promise of the future for every child in our country.

Remember it is written, "They plant the wind, and will harvest the whirlwind".

Thousands now stand with a proud socialist and seek him as the next President. Is WWII that long ago no one remembers the tens of millions that died setting the world free of it?

Of another would-be president, the question is openly asked, is she a liar?

Having to ask the question should answer many other questions. Many believe she is a liar, yet they too will vote for her.

Vote for those that believe as you do. Not because they are a man or a woman, or because of the color of their skin. Vote while you still can.

The numbing of our national integrity is rendering us a people too small to succeed.

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Members Opinions:
September 25, 2015 at 1:41pm
I'm for poll-tax
September 25, 2015 at 4:02pm

You should really use a disclaimer in your article.
For example:
"This article is based solely, not on facts or truths, but my pompous assumption of superiority because I am a homophobic, religious zealot, fear inducing,
right wing extremist. Please read with caution, as belief of any of this article, may cause future outbursts of racism, hatred and grandiose feelings of supremacy."
September 26, 2015 at 8:29am
b-revel, Having looked at the use of poll taxes my opinion there is good and bad with them. Thank you for your comment.
September 26, 2015 at 8:42am
Larken - Laura, Reading your comments one word comes to mind; strident. Thank you for your comments.

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