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Remember, nothing is free

Dear editor:

I have listened to the campaign promises and I have questions. The first has to do with free higher education for all. I understand the public colleges and universities in America, except for our military academies, are all state supported. Will the cost of this free education be the responsibility of the states or will the federal government foot the bill? If the federal government pays for this program, they will ultimately gain control of these institutions. What will happen to the Board of Governors for our university system? Will all the state-supported colleges and universities be governed by bureaucrats in Washington? They will control all the state-supported schools from Wyoming to North Carolina? Wyoming offers scholarships for Rodeo. Will our state be mandated to do the same? Has anyone asked this question? Remember, nothing is free.

There is also interest in forgiving all debt from student loans. If I understand this, young men and women who graduated from high school and went into the workforce or went to technical school and learned a valuable trade, or worked through college to obtain a career that would provide a good income, should pay taxes for those that obtained degrees with little if any value in the workplace. For many of these students the loans paid for a vacation from the real world and many did not even obtain a degree. To borrow thousands of dollars to obtain a degree that will not yield as much income as a high school education seems a little dumb. Really, very dumb.

There seems to be a concerted effort to do away with the electoral college. One of the smarter candidates promised to do away with this on the first day in office. Article II, Section I of the US Constitution stipulates the rules for the electoral college. The twenty-third Amendment adopted in 1961 provided for representation for the District of Columbia. Good luck on getting that done on the very first day!

Once again, my favorite, Beto O'Rourke, has promoted taking all semi-automatic firearms from law abiding citizens of the United States. He has stated that most Americans agree with this. He stated that law enforcement would come to your home to confiscate the weapons. There are a couple of communities in Franklin County that would be a great place to start this door-to-door program, not to mention dealing with the 2nd amendment. It is unclear if the responsibility for this door-to-door operation would be handled by local law enforcement or by federal agents. I would hope we would not put our local law enforcement men and women in that position. How would that work? I now understand that Beto has quit and gone home.

I would like for our politicians that are intent on impeaching the president to either "impeach or get off the pot! The American people have heard since inauguration day that the president should be impeached. In March, we were told that the evidence was clearly right in front of us. To me, that means even Ray Charles should be able to see it. I am yet to see any evidence. This president is guilty of having the audacity to run for the office without obtaining permission from the ruling class in Washington. If this is a crime, let's get him out.

I hate to belabor a point, but I do not feel that members of congress can come up with a plan to manage healthcare for everyone in America. They continue to argue about the costs, but no one can honestly say this will be better for all Americans. They try to convince all that will listen that it will be paid for by someone else. Spend a day in Raleigh at the DMV and imagine healthcare for all.

It is my understanding that the annual tuition at most Ivy League schools is about $60,000 per year. That would equal about $240,000 for a four-year degree. I would think with that much education that some of these journalists in Washington who graduated from these schools would ask some of these questions. I am quickly coming to see that these journalists from Ivy League schools, Harvard and the like, are not impressive at all. Many appear to have taken multiple courses in arrogance, self-righteousness and the ability to look down their noses at most Americans.

On another note, I certainly agree with Mr. Cunard that the litter on our highways is an embarrassment. You can travel to other parts of our country and you do not see this problem. I wonder if it is cultural. Woe be unto you if you live about one beer or one Mountain Dew away from a convenience store. Farmers also seem to be constantly picking up cans and bottles out of their fields and pastures.

A happy meal does not continue to be a happy meal after the wrapper is thrown out of a moving vehicle. It does not reflect well on our communities. Thank you for that comment.

Warren Harris
Justice Community

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November 14, 2019 at 10:21am
Great letter Mr. Harris

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