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Issue is removing the monument?

Dear editor:

It appears that a history instructor at Louisburg College is once again trying to have the Confederate Monument removed.

I am certain that since the last attempt this instructor has had time to find out how many young men and boys from Franklin County were killed in this terrible conflict. He certainly has had time to find descendants here in the county and request their opinion on removal of the monument. I am certain that he would not be involved in this activity without this information. Maybe this has not been done.

When I heard that he had scheduled some sort of rally or demonstration this past Saturday, I was certain that he would invite prominent business and political leaders to attend. After all, the citizens of Franklin County should have the deciding voice in the decision. Or maybe he thought it would be best to gather groups far from Franklin County with no interest in the will of our citizens. A mob of people from outside our county should come in and force the removal of the monument? Maybe he did not contact the leaders in our county.

I doubt seriously if this instructor has any information on why this monument was erected in 1914 and the sentiment of the citizens of Franklin County at that time. This attempt appears to me to be nothing more than an exercise in self-serving ignorance. I am growing weary of the argument about moving the monument to a cemetery. The objective is to permanently remove the monument.

What we are probably witnessing is students with a weak high school education attending a college that is more interested in promoting social change than teaching history. It would be interesting to give recent graduates of this institution a history quiz.

I do not understand a college that promotes tearing down monuments and society rather than teaching history. If this instructor can persevere, he will have the ability to not only embarrass himself but embarrass Louisburg College, the town of Louisburg and Franklin County.

I probably will not live long enough to see it but if this level of ignorance continues, we will see groups tearing down monuments to soldiers from WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Can we imagine having this activity exist when our veterans of The War of Northern Aggression were still alive? If this instructor would like a real challenge, I am certain that our Vietnam vets would be happy to chat with him.

On another note, President Lincoln being characterized as someone interested in bringing the country together is not totally accurate. The primary objective of President Lincoln was to preserve the union, but he was the commander and chief when General Sherman burned Atlanta on his way to Savannah. General Sherman continued his "scorched earth" campaign through Charleston and Columbia on his way to accept the surrender of General Joseph E. Johnson at Bennet Place. The level of destruction and hardship at the end of the war is unbelievable for blacks and whites, rich and poor.

It is interesting to note that many of his troops marched through Franklin County on their way to Durham.

I do appreciate the efforts of many of the citizens of Franklin County to protect the monument from damage or graffiti. A little bit of reading will shed light as to why these monuments were erected, but ignorance appears to be in style.

Warren Harris
Justice Community

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Members Opinions:
June 18, 2020 at 6:56pm
This is where I wish the Franklin Times would fact check the letter posted....a lot of misrepresentation here. The phrase war of northern aggression should be a big tell on the authors "facts." Will did not organize this peaceful protest. 3 Women from Franklin County did. The police did not have to intervene until one of the motorcycle gang members protecting the monument with a hammer in his back pocket began physically pushing an older Franklin county woman. It is on video.
The interesting question is where are the monuments to these WWI, WWII, KOREA, NAM, AFGHANISTAN Middle East FRANKLIN COUNTY SOLDIERS you mentioned? And therein lies the truth to why that monument is there...and why people want it gone and are removing them in other places.
Will Hinton has offered a compromise to try and preserve the monument for those who cherish it and to recognize the feelings of those who it represents so much pain to. It is unfair for him to keep being maligned by those in this community who choose to say nothing should change because that's the way it has always been....laws change and hopefully so do we...for the better and our community

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