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Research BLM, reader urges

Dear editor:

First things first. I am not a racist. If I am privileged, it is not because of the color of my skin. It is by the grace of God and sweat of the brow.

My husband and I both have worked long and hard hours.

I was raised to love and respect people of color. We have black friends and neighbors that we love dearly.

I am writing this letter concerning the Confederates in our town, state and country.

I encourage people to research the organization of Black Lives Matter--not the slogan.

I listen to a Christian show on TV that has a host and 3-5 panel members each day. They are ministers of the gospel. People call in or email their questions to the panel to answer, using scriptures that apply.

Dr. Carl Brown, a black evangelist, was asked the question: What are your thoughts of BLM management? He said, and I quote, "Nothing wrong with the slogan, but the organization is anti-God and anti-anything that has to do with Christians.

They are anti-this country as a country of democracy and freedom. They are controlled by evil and I will go as as far as, they are the black KKK." His words, not mine.

I heard an interview with a black Civil Rights attorney. His name was Leon Terrell. He said, and I quote, "The slogan BLM is OK, but the organization is rotten to the core."

I heard two black Civil Rights attorneys say essentially the same thing.

Folks, this conflict is about control and the heart. The socialist, marxist, communist, Democratic party has reached an all-time low. Hellay said to never let a good crisis go on.

The evil socialist, marxist, communist party has used George Floyd's death and the Covid19 virus to enhance their agenda. BLM has added them to their mission.

They are evil, and both are trying to destroy our great country.

I believe God is allowing this to wake up the church and those that do not know him to come to him.

The statue of the soldier on North Main Street has been taken down. Are you going to tear down the college? According to Mrs. Gladys Baily and my grandfather, the college played an intricate role during the Civil War. It housed wounded soldiers for medicine and treatment.

I highly respect Dr. Martin Luther King. He was a great orator. His speech, "I Have a Dream," was a masterpiece. He was a man of wisdom and courage. He has an era in history just as the Civil War.

If you are going to take down statues and rename streets and highways, I believe his should come down and rename the streets and highways named for him. There are some people that are offended by this..

Now to the heart. Each of you, including the the evil ones, need to get their hearts right. We need some old-fashioned hell fire and brimstone tent revivals. Preachers need to preach on sin and hell more.

Everyone, including the ones that don't believe in God, should read the book of Daniel and Revelation 22 and see what was prophesied.

Church, we have got to stand up, speak up and vote according to God's word.

I have said before and I will say again, a true Christian cannot support the Democratic platform. It is voting anti-God.

Folks, are we going to stand by and let this country become a Cuba or Venezuela? This evil S/M/C party has got to be stopped.

Carolyn Hudson

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Members Opinions:
July 02, 2020 at 7:45pm
No. Just NO. If you have to start your letter with "I am not a racist" and tack on "I have black friends"- Guess What??

May I suggest you also read Dr. Kings "Letter from Birmingham Jail" Here is a quote you may find of interest “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

If you can not admit that our white skin has given us special privileges in this country, that a Black woman with your exact same background has to work harder to get to the same space because of the color of her skin, you are the problem.
PS: Anyone who is offended by MLK having a street or public space named after him is most certainly a racist.
July 02, 2020 at 11:14pm
Wondering if you have written letters like this for the KKK, Poor Boys, Boogaloos, White Nationalists, etc.?

July 04, 2020 at 12:52pm
There is nothing racist in Mrs. Hudson's letter. Anyone who claims otherwise is just trying to shout down the opposition. A typical tactic of today's Democrats. Because they have no positives to run on they are reduced to deflecting attention. If one is careful to look closely at the "utopias" of Democrat control you will see utter failure. Places so unlivable that people are fleeing in droves.

Mrs. Hudson didn't say that MLK statues should be removed. She just pointed out the absurdity of allowing the standard for removal being someone offended. MLK was a good Christian man. He would be horrified to see what has happened to the civil rights movement and how it has been hijacked by anarchists, marxists, anti-semites and the most intolerant, self righteous blowhards in history.

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