Trump elected by those sick of Democrat policies

Letters to the editor

Dear editor:

In the August 24, 2017 edition of this newspaper, you printed letters by Dan Collette, Thomas Allen and Wayne Parrish. All three were very good opinion pieces and are just as appropriate today.

Mr. Allen's letter was titled "New America, land of inclusion?" He spoke of the intolerance in America of "all that is Confederate, Southern, White and real Christianity." He said the intolerant are like the Taliban and ISIS and "want to destroy everything that they find repugnant. Just as the Taliban and ISIS display hatred for everything that is not Islamic, so their kindred in America display hatred for everything that is Confederate, Southern, White and Christian."

Mr. Parrish echoed the same theme. He listed relatives that have served in the military all the way back to his great-granddad who served in the War Between the States. He added, "Our schools are not teaching history today."

In like manner, Mr. Andrews' letter in the June 11, 2020 edition showed him repeating another page from his "I Hate Trump Hand-book."

Trump was not elected to unite in contrast to our presidents who have been uniters. Trump was elected by people who were sick and tired of the Democratic Party's policies, such as harboring criminals in sanctuary cities. There is no debating the Democrats. If their opposition does not agree, the opposition may as well shut up.

Pete Andrews is not up to speed. Mostly what he sees on the news, like so many Americans, are lies and bias. I was like Mr. Andrews until 25 years ago when I started paying attention to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative viewpoints. They really broadened my understanding of politics.

Sterling Hunt