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College now an ' albatross'?

Dear editor:

Regarding "College trustees address monument issue" under letters to the editor in a recent Franklin Times, it appears select Louisburg College Board Members attempt to respond with an approval of action taken illegally on the Confederate Monument. I do agree the Monument is not owned by the college. As I understand it, when the monument was erected in 1913, the college was on one side of Main Street. Did the college object to or protest in any way to the existence of the monument when they acquired the property on the other side of Main Street? That would have been in the early 1960s

I do agree the memorial was not maintained by the college and I accept their historical representation that it was not constructed with any involvement of the college. Louisburg College has absolutely nothing to do with the Confederate Monument except that it has employed and protected a vile professor who for years has taken personal pleasure in organizing a concerted effort to bring the old soldier down. As I am sure you remember, back in 2017-2018, William H. Hinton used organized students to torpedo The Franklin Times with letters pleading to be rescued from the torments of hell caused by the Confederate Monument. Although these kids were simply "visitors" to our community and well observed the Monument when they previewed LC, they were now imbued enough to attack a statue over which the college had no authority.

Hinton's radical behavior is a reflection on a college that now wants to plead "we had nothing to do with the situation. Any reputable educational institution would dismiss (yes, I know he has tenure) a pretentious professor whose dedicated purpose is to organize and incite hatred. Just as the college trustees lay claim that LC is "a diverse community with its faculty and staff free to express his or her opinion," so the residents of Louisburg have the same right. Many residents have lived in Louisburg all their lives, a far longer time than the two years the students attend LC. I believe it is not uncommon for hate organizations such as "The Southern Poverty Law Center" or "The Anti-Defamation League" to infiltrate colleges and plant ideologies of racism, revolt, violence, and superiority in the easily manipulated youth of college campuses.

Years ago, Louisburg College was the epitome of the best in junior colleges. Over the years, I believe it has become a political hotbed for anti-capitalism and anti-free enterprise. It may not be all the students and it may not be all the faculty, but the administration knows what has been going on. Their hands are not clean. They have clearly harbored, sanctioned, and supported the militant professor who immediately stated to the news media after the town removed the Confederate soldier that Louisburg College was no longer divided. Taking down a statue will never bring a solution, for it will be replaced on private property with other tributes to our Confederate soldiers. At one time, Louisburg College was an asset to the town. I see it now as an albatross around the necks of longtime residents who attended and supported the college. While the letter from a minority of trustees characterizes the college as seeking "to nurture a diverse population of young men and women intellectually, culturally, socially, physically, and spiritually," I say nothing could be further from the truth. I believe in reality the college allows and provides access for the indoctrination of socialism and the exposure to dangerous progressive Democrats whose philosophy is "we will crush you if you do not conform to our ways." The ultimate goal is total control through brainwashing and manipulation.

I cannot say now I will discontinue support of Louisburg College because I took that action in 2017 when William Hinton instigated his letter writing campaign published in The Franklin Times. But I can say to all the residents -- and there are many -- who are upset with Louisburg College and the collusion it precipitated with the town, remember this when it comes time to writing a check for the college, when you are considering buying tickets for a college supported arts program, or when you are thinking about making a bequest to the college.

One of the major tools Progressive Democrats are using is wrangling control through boycotting. While I strongly believe this can destroy free enterprise, boycotting is a non-violent means of protesting. Henceforth, I will boycott any business that supports Louisburg College. I will never contribute to those Progressives who tear down America's history.

Ann E. Brown

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Members Opinions:
July 30, 2020 at 1:07pm
While I respect the right of the letter writer to express her views, I object to her hyperbole and untruths. Professor Hinton, far from being vile, is a compassionate and thoughtful person who sought to offer, in a respectful manner, a compromise concerning the Confederate monument. His idea to move it to Oakwood Cemetery, where a number of Confederate veterans were buried, would enable the monument to continue to serve its purpose of honoring war dead without continuing to represent its white supremacist aspect. Hinton is not an anarchist, but rather a peacemaker. He did not organize the student letter-writing campaign. And by the way, the letters were uniformly polite; some of them even advocated for maintaining the monument on its present site. I fear for the Town of Louisburg if citizens remove their support for Louisburg College. It has served as a beacon of educational and cultural uplift for two centuries, and its economic impact on Louisburg and Franklin County is immense. We should do all we can to support the college during these troubled times.

Maury York
Louisburg College Class of 1973
July 30, 2020 at 7:45pm
Ms. Brown offers a revisionist version of what has happened and, In my opinion, appears to be totally out of touch with current truths concerning racism and suppression and the true purpose of these statues being brought to the forefront in our country. I also encourage supporting Louisburg College and affirm Mr. Hinton is totally misrepresented in her letter. Fyi it's not just the students who wanted this statue gone...
How does improving our community by removing the statue, which is the real albatross here, incite hatred? I guess by making those who can't admit the truth concerning these statues as part of the revisionist history in the south and indoctrination of several generations feel threatened....
July 30, 2020 at 9:36pm
August 02, 2020 at 8:40pm
I must take exception to Ms. Brown's letter printed on July 30. To represent William Hinton as radical or vile is reprehensible! If she wants to go after someone, let her address those who voted to remove the statue- not Mr. Hinton. I have deep southern roots - my great grandfather was the courier for Stonewall Jackson and was given his personal sword after one of the battles. He was also with him when he was mortally wounded. Am I proud that my relative was a member of the Confederate Army? No, I do not and have never believed in what they fought for. For Ms. Brown to attack Mr. Hinton and Louisburg College is simply beyond me. If those businesses who support her would list their names I would be glad to not shop there. At the time the statue was removed, there were statues all over this country being defiled and destroyed. Her personal attack of William Hinton was simply uncalled for, unnecessary,unfounded,and untrue. For shame!

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